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Italian buttons

Today I receive the italian buttons.
Very good.
Perfect transaction as alwais.
Tank you Matt.

Thanks Again!

Button and coins arrived safely. Another perect transaction. Thank you again!

Great buttons

Buttons arrived quickly and safely, thanks again Matt, Giovanni

Thanks Again!

Buttons and coin arived quickly and safely. Another perfect transaction. Always a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you!

ALL OK!! + one surprise..

Dear friend,
all the items are perfectly arrived to me and all is ok,
One bouton that I have bought as "neapolitan" ( the bouton has a big "N" under a crown) is from the dragoon unit of the kingdom of Italy, that for me is...better!!

From France

Thank you for the button arrived today.

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Happy new year at all

I received all the lots as Christams presents.
Tank you Matt.
Happy new year at all the friends of this site.

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Book and Buttons arrived

I'm very happy to receive the book and the buttons in theese days of Christams.
High quality and perfect conditions.
Tank you very mutch Matt.

From France.

Thank You for the two buttons received this morning.

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Buttons arrived

Tank you Matt!
Perfect. All buttons very good.
Tank you very mutch.


Благодарю уважаемого Матвея за оперативную отправку моего лота.Отличная вещь.С надеждой на дальнейшее пополнение моей небольшой коллекции.
С уважением

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Perfect Transaction

I register another perfect transaction.
The buttons are very good and fine conditions.
Tank you Matt.

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Tank you Matt!!!
Buttons are fantastic as alwais.
Tank you.

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Выражаю благодарность за чуткость, исполнительность и доверие к покупателю. Предметы приходят быстро и в отличной упаковке. Так держать. С наилучшими пожеланиями,Кечетов Михаил.

Buttons Arrived - Thank You!

Thank you for another perfect transaction - everything is 5 stars again.

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Book War 1812

I received the book and the button.
Perfect as alwais.
The book is fantastic.
Tank you Matt.

Buttons, etc. Arrived Safely

Thanks again for another perfect transaction. The insignia, buttons, etc. all arrived safely.

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I receive the two lots of buttons.
Tank you again Matt.


Another sending from Matt arrived. Everything perfect again ! Thank you very much !